Method of Analysis for Chloride Distribution in Concrete from Torrent Data

Md. Shafiqul Islam, Toshiharu Kishi


Design w/c ratio becomes less important than achieved cover performance in the case of existing structure. Therefore, inspection data of chloride profile from some real structures do not always obey the rule of Fick’s law, suggesting the influence of a new parameter. In this study, chloride ion profiles and behavior of penetrating water for normal, fly ash and slag concrete with w/c ratio as 40, 55, and 70%, respectively, cast in laboratory, were examined. Furthermore, Fick’s law is modified based on liquid water front and its variation. It is also shown that the torrent permeability can fix suitable analysis method.


Keywords: Liquid water front, standard deviation, torrent permeability, modified Fick’s law


liquid water front; standard deviation; torrent permeability; modified fick’s law.

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