Journal of Computer Technology & Applications, Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

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Improvement of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abhishek Dubey, Sashikant Gupta


A WSN is a set of nodes structured to form a network which are wireless in nature. Routing is a significant technology in this network. A sensor network is composed with vast number of little sensors. All sensor nodes are well-defined with specific parameters in word of energy. Data transmission in wireless communication takes more power than data processing. When the nodes are sending additional number of data, proportionately their battery power also gets decreased. Sorting out the sensor network into lesser controllable units is known as clustering. Apart from clustering methods, extra energy efficient method of routing the data over the n/w is tree depend method. In this paper, we improved the consumption of the energy by calculating the shortest distance between the nodes. Our simulation is done in MATLAB which shows that our proposed technique is much better than the existing techniques.

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Abhishek Dubey, Sashikant Gupta. Improvement of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Computer Technology & Applications. 2017; 8(2): 1–6p.

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