Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Design of 10T SRAM Cell for Low Power and High Speed Applications PDF
Rajat Gupta, Amit S. Rajput, Nikhil Saxena 16-27
Distributed Control System Using Wired Communication Channel PDF
Pramod U. Chavan, Ramadevi. R, M. Murugan, Sheela Rani. B 28-33
Implementation of Weighted Round Robin Algorithm in Shared Bus Architectures PDF
Tejas U. Patel, Devendra Patle 34-40
Efficiency Improvement and Reduction in Size of Patch Antenna PDF
Rajesh Namdev, Shweta Tiwari 45-50

Review Articles

Data Driven Controller Design for Distributed Power Sources in Microgrid PDF
Kirti yadav, Uma Shankar Patel 1-8
Modelling & Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Based Controller for Energy Storage System PDF
Archana Sahu, Uma Shankar Patel 9-15
Unoccupied Floor Extraction in Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation PDF
Rahul Shivaji Pol, B. Sheela Rani, M. Murugan 41-44

ISSN: 2229 - 6980