Vol 8, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

Spatial Database Model for Transport Management Using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Tigray, Ethiopia
Kidu Gebremedhin W/gebriel, Desta Luel Tsegay 1-14
GIS Based Fire Incident Emergency Response: A Case Study of Kano Urban Markets, Kano State, Nigeria
Olusola O. Ige-Olumide, Rabi’u N. Umar 15-24
Land Use/Land Cover Assessment of Tamil Nadu Coast, India using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Debabrata Ghorai, Santanu Roy, Ashis Kumar Paul 25-37
Spatial Based Tour Service in Facilitating Tourism Development in Tigray, Hawzen Woreda
Kidu Gebremedhin, Desta Luel Tsegay 45-53
AOD Retrieval Over Different LULC Features Using AWiFS Data—A Case Study Over Dehradun
Manu Mehta, Rimjhim Rao, Gaurav J. Doley, Attili Rajsekhar, Simmi Sindhwani 54-57

Review Articles

A Review Paper on Role of GIS in Development of Smart Cities
Tanu Sharma 38-44