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Basics of Biodiesel: A Review

Mehulkumar J. Pathak, Ghanshyam D. Acharya, Nayangiri D. Gosvami


The present review aims to study the prospects and opportunities of introducing vegetable oils and their derivatives as fuel in diesel engines. Vegetable oils present a very promising scenario of functioning as alternative fuels to fossil diesel fuel. The properties of these oils can be compared favorably with the characteristics required for internal combustion engine fuels. Fuel-related properties are reviewed and compared with those of conventional diesel fuel. Use of biodiesel in a conventional diesel engine results in substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matters (PM) emission and oxide of nitrogen.

Keywords: Biodiesel, alternative fuel, diesel engine, green energy

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Mehukumar J. Pathak, Ghanshyam D. Acharya, Nayangiri D. Gosvami, Basics of Biodiesel: A Review, Journal of Automobile Engineering and Application. 2016; 3(2): 20–23p.


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