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Deflection Analysis of the Leaf Spring Suspension System with the Combination of Helical Springs

Sachin Gayakwad, Ishan Patel, Pushpendra Kumar Mishra


An efficient and optimized leaf spring suspension system for heavy vehicles must have low deflection but good damping capacity of absorbing shocks and jerks. In this research article, deflection analysis of a modified leaf spring suspension system with the combination of helical spring model is presented. To furnish this end, in the typical leaf spring suspension system model, a helical spring at each side of the master leaf is incorporated. Design and static analysis work is performed in CATIA V5R20. The average overall maximum deflection reduction by the proposed modified model with helical springs achieved is 3.6% for various loading conditions in comparison to typical leaf spring suspension system’s master leaf spring model. The deflection characteristics of the proposed modified model can be maintained for the optimization of the comfort and flexibility conditions, by adjusting and adopting the best combination of the design parameters of both types suspension springs.


Cite this Article Sachin Gayakwad, Ishan Patel, Pushpendra Kumar Mishra. Deflection Analysis of the Leaf Spring Suspension System with the Combination of Helical Springs. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications. 2016; 3(3): 21–30p


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