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Design and Development of Compressed Air Engine

Sarah Usmani, Saman Fatima


The consumption of fossil fuels has gone up to such a high level that problems like global warming, ozone layer depletion have become a prominent issue of concern. In order to protect the environment, harnessing of renewable energy is important. Having this overview in our mind, we designed and developed a model of a compressed air engine. This model utilizes the energy of compressed air to do mechanical work. To lay a foundation for the optimization of compressed air engine, a physical model is established, which has a double acting pneumatic cylinder that has an intake of air from the compressor. The valves are designed to allow the intake of air at the starting of the stroke and also the exhaust at the end of the same stroke. The model was tested successfully at various pressures up to 2 bars.

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Sarah Usmani, Saman Fatima. Design and Development of Compressed Air Engine. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applications. 2017; 4(2): 40–47p.

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