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Comparison of Finite Element Analysis with An Experimental Validation on Transmission Loss Measurement for Acoustic Muffler

Amit Kumar Gupta, Ashesh Tiwari


Noise from an automotive application is the major source of noise pollution. Here the noise from muffler plays a vital role. So noise reduction on muffler is generally predicted by Transmission Loss and Insertion Loss. Single expansion chamber is generally used as silencing elements in intake and exhaust systems. The main aim of this paper is to use of FEA as well Experimental Method for Muffler’s Transmission Loss Measurement. FEA is generally used for virtual prototyping. So it saves the substantial amount of time and resources. The acoustic characteristics of single expansion chamber muffler with single central inlet, single central outlet is also investigated in detail by experimental method as well FEA results. Set up of Two Load method is used here for Transmission Loss Measurement. By comparing the Experimental results with FEA results shows the validation of results.

Keywords: Transmission loss, reactive muffler, FEA, Two Load method

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Gupta AK, Tiwari A..Comparison of Finite Element Analysis with an Experimental Validation on Transmission Loss Measurement for Acoustic Muffler. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Application. 2015; 1(2): 21–26p


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