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Compensation of Volumetric Error in CNC Machine Tools: A Review

Harikrushna Dobariya


In today’s high competitive market, the customer requirement for quality products has increased rapidly. Abundant researches are carried out to make machine tools more versatile and accurate in the fulfilment of such requirements. Now days the CNC machine tools of various configurations with more motion flexibility are used to prepare high quality in machined components. But still, the accuracy is not achieved up to desirable level for some of crucial application components, due to the machine tool inaccuracy generated during manufacturing stage. The geometric error, thermal error, fixture dependent error and cutting force induced error are main causes of machine tool inaccuracy. The geometric error, which is quasistatic in nature, contains approximately 70% part of total error related to machine tool. Currently, many investigators are working in this field. There are three prominence steps required to address this problem, which are: modelling, measurement and compensation. This paper gives emphasis on reviewing the work carried out in the field of compensation of error in machine tools by various researchers. The various techniques and approaches used to accomplish the objective are concluded here.

Cite this Article Harikrushna Dobariya. Compensation of Volumetric Error in CNC Machine Tools: A Review. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. 2017; 4(2): 12–20p.

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