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Review of Vibration Monitoring Techniques Using Low Cost Sensors and Microcontrollers

Sharad S. Mulik, Suhas P. Deshmukh, Mahesh S. Shewale, Abhishek D. Patange


Healthy condition of machineries sustains and preserves the economy of the industry. Many of the products are manufactured by continual machining processes. Unforeseen failures are unbearable for industries which lead to costly repairs. Efficient supervision for condition monitoring and quick detection of the mechanical faults is a critical assignment in the current business era. Condition monitoring is the practice used to supervise the state of equipment/machineries, so, as to spot the noteworthy change which might be cause of a rising faults or failures. It is a key aspect of prognostic maintenance and averts unexpected failure and costly repair. Condition monitoring has a unique benefit in that conditions that would shorten normal lifespan can be addressed before they develop into a major failure. Several types of analyzers are commercially available and used for condition monitoring of a machine but the overall cost is very high and may not be affordable to all. Hence it necessitates reviewing vibration monitoring techniques which are inexpensive. This paper presents review of techniques used for vibration monitoring with micro-electro-mechanical sensors and Arduino microcontrollers..

Cite this Article. Mulik Sharad S, Deshmukh Suhas P, Patange Abhishek D et al. Review of Vibration Monitoring Techniques Using Low Cost Sensors and Microcontrollers. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. 2017; 4(2): 33–40p.

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