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Review on Reduction of Electricity Consumption by Using Pedal Powered Water Pumping System

Milan Patadiya, Hardik P. Hindocha, Ronak Sanghani, Rajdeepsinh Zala, Rushang Surani, Kartik Asodariya


There are many ideas encouraging human operated water pumps which are in existence which can lead to minimize the power consumption. There are several papers showing research of PPWPS is available. In fact, nowadays, electricity is just like everything. No one can just imagine the machines without electricity. Manual power generation is a harmless and eco-friendly process leading to sustainable development. There are many people who have tried to make this type of manually operated machines and some of them have achieved success in doing so. However, the human efforts are somehow limited when it comes to power generation and increase in electricity use. Pedal powered pumping is a better way to decrease the electricity use. The purposes of PPWPS may be for reducing electricity consumption, increasing manual power generation or it may be for innovation but there are some problems arising due to possible setup of the PPWPS. In this paper, evaluation is carried out on changing the current setup of PPWPS to evaluate how it can reduce the problems occurring in current setup. What advantages we can get by changing the setup of PPWPS is described

Cite this Article Milan Patadiya, Hindocha Hardik P, Ronak Sanghani et al. Review on Reduction of Electricity Consumption by Using Pedal Powered Water Pumping System. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation. 2017; 4(2): 41–44p.

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