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Automatic Material Sorting and Storage using PLC

Jenil Gohel, Jash Bhatt, Yagnik Patel, Bhavesh Hindocha


This system is an industrial automation based application and it needs to satisfy industry requisition. Nowadays in various industry applications object sorting is done in different ways from which colour sorting is one of them. In material sorting system using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) object are identified based on their colour through image processing. To capture the real-time image of the object camera is used. Here conveyor used is to transfer object from one place to other. According to colour the object will be stored in their respective places in the storage unit, object will be rejected if it is not as per the required colour. This automatic colour based sorting and storage has found its wide application in the pharmaceuticals industry, agriculture industry, bottle sorting industry, colour industry and automobile industry for assembly of parts. Advances in both colour sorting and related programming devices have empowered manufacturers to utilize this innovation on the industrial facility floor continuously. Issues in the past limited to manual assessments and sorting can be illuminated by this innovation.

Keywords: PLC, MATLAB, Image Processing, Sorting, Storage

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Jenil Gohel, Jash Bhatt, Yagnik Patel et al. Automatic Material Sorting and Storage using PLC. Journal of Microcontroller Engineering and Applications. 2017; 4(2): 17–24p.

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