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High Gain Umbrella Shaped Wearable Textile Antenna

Nausheen Bano, Vinod Kumar Singh


Use of wearable antennas from textile materials is gaining popularity because of the miniaturization of wireless devices. A wearable antenna is a piece of the attire which is utilized for the various purposes like navigation, tracking, mobile and wearable computing and public safety. The permittivity and the thickness of the substrate determine the efficiency and bandwidth of a textile antenna which leads towards the development of smart fabrics. In this paper, textile antenna is designed for frequency 3.5 GHz and simulated with the help of CST software.

Keywords: Radiation pattern, CST software, wearable textile antenna, dielectric constant

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Nausheen Bano, Vinod Kumar Singh. High Gain Umbrella Shaped Wearable Textile Antenna. Journal of Microwave Engineering and Technologies. 2017; 4(2): 17–21p.

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