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Development of Random Pulse Width Modulation in Power Electronics Converter

Akashi D Baruah, Rakesh M. Patel


With the new advancement in power electronic devices the high frequency system can often causes acoustic noise, mechanical vibration, EMI related problems in inverter-fed AC machine due to harmonics content in voltage and current waveforms which makes operator feel uncomfortable to work. Proposed work deals with one of the Pulse Modulation Technique, Random Pulse Width Modulation (RPWM), which is a new and effective technique to let the inverter-fed ac motor drive possess low acoustic noise and mechanical vibration when lower switching frequency is chosen. In this paper the conventional SPWM and RCPWM is compared in MATLAB/simulink to measure the total and individual harmonic distortion (THD and IHD) of voltage and current waveforms.

Keywords: Random Pulse Width Modulation (RPWM), THD analysis, IHD, SPWM, Voltage Source Inverter, Induction Motor, Harmonic reduction

Cite this ArticleAkashi D Baruah, Rakesh M. Patel, Development of Random Pulse Width Modulation in Power Electronics Converter: Journal of Microelectronics and Solid State Devices. 2016; 3(1): 1–8p.

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