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Effective Design of Riser for Defect-Free Casting

Aman Emmanuel, Arun Singh Kushwah


Accurate design of riser helps in producing a defect free casting part. Inaccurate design of riser results in defects like hot spot, shrinkage and blow holes. Present paper focuses on the study of the different parameters occurring during a solidification process, equation which governs the solidification problem and different boundary conditions which play vital role during heat transfer in a solidification process. A literature study is also been conducted in the present work on riser and gating design. From the literature it has been found that inaccurate design results in hot spot inside the casting part which results in the failure of it. To produce defect free casting, riser design plays a vital role as this can shift the hot spot from the casting part to the riser which will be removed at later stage after casting is completed. Other parameters which affect the casting quality are gating ratio, sprue design, gate and vents.

Cite this Article. Aman Emmanuel, Arun Singh Kushwah. Effective Design of Riser for Defect-Free Casting. Journal of Thin Films, Coating Science Technology and Application. 2017; 4(2): 23–27p.

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