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Hydroelectricity Generation by the Recycling of Water

Aditya Agrawal, Aditya Sharma, Harsha Yadav


The global world is hungry for more energy continuously which has resulted in extra burden to both renewable and non-renewable energy resources. As we know electrical appliances are increasing and the demand of electricity is also increasing. And the time is not far away when we will not have sufficient electricity to run these appliances and water to generate electricity because declining of water level is also continuous day by day whereas the methods and power are limited. For that dark future, this is a prototype device by which we can generate subsequent amount of electricity in output with continuous recycling of water having minimum water loss. By virtue of this concept, field of electricity generation will boom. The calculations in this concept are theoretical and may serve better on practical. The main motive of this concept is to generate electricity from water with hydraulic turbine and hydraulic ram pump (hydram) and mainly gravity, in which turbine will spin with hammering of water on row of blades, and hydraulic ram pump will accelerate the water pressure, without using any electrical or mechanical energy.


Keywords: Turbine, hydraulic ram pump, electricity generation, reservoir

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Agrawal Aditya, Sharma Aditya, Yadav Harsha. Hydroelectricity generation by the recycling of water. Journal of Water Resource Engineering and Management. 2015; 2(3): 23–27p.


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