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Design and Implementation of Improved Image Compression Algorithm using Hybrid Approach of DWT, DCT and SVD

Himanshu Nathvani, Dhaval Pipalia


In today’s digital world, the latest technology is being developed in field of communication, network, digital data storage, etc. Use of internet is increased rapidly in world of business and profession. A study conducted by research says that 1.1 billion people have regular web access and use application like electronic mail, instant messaging, social networking, online messaging etc. which, helps in growth and knowledge sharing in different domains such as education, research, development, medical, and many businesses etc. The multimedia data like Images, Videos, etc. are transmitted over the web. Now a day, images are sending over the internet in very large amount. An uncompressed image requires more storage space and transmission bandwidth. So, the size of image database is increased. So, in the world of digital images, it is required to develop an efficient method that gives an image with high compression without losing important information. So, Image compression is necessary. A photo is taken by camera. These digital images require more storage space to save them. So, it is necessary to reduce the amount of data. Image compression is processed to reduce redundant information of original image. The main aim of image compression is to reduce the amount of data.

Keywords: Discrete wavelet transform, discrete cosine transform, singular value decomposition

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Himanshu Nathvani, Dhaval Pipalia. Design and Implementation of Improved Image Compression Algorithm using Hybrid approach of DWT, DCT and SVD. Recent Trends in Electronics & Communication Systems. 2017; 4(2): 1–5p.

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