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Implementation of Flexible Wearable Antenna

Reema Dubey, Vinod Kumar Singh


This paper is to analyze a light weighted flexible antenna for modern communication system. The proposed antenna is compact in size, shows high directivity and large bandwidth. Polystyrene foam is used as a substrate because such antenna is bendable, wearable, cheap, requires less attention and has good features like low dielectric constant, low loss tangent and better efficiency. The parameters of antenna such as return loss, gain, bandwidth, radiation pattern are excellent. Foam based design is simulated by using CST software.

Keywords: EPS, copper foil tape, CST, return loss

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Reema Dubey, Vinod Kumar Singh. Implementation of Flexible Wearable Antenna. Recent Trends in Electronics and Communication Systems. 2017; 4(2): 6–10p.

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