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Improved Film Cooling with Hybrid Arrangement of Cooling Holes

Mukesh Prakash Mishra, AK Sahani, Sunil Chandel


In the present work, numerical study of full coverage film cooling on an adiabatic flat plate is carried out. Cylindrical holes of 30° injection angle are used to supply cold air into the hot primary flow. Adiabatic film cooling effectiveness is calculated at different velocity ratios to study the film cooling performance. A new hybrid arrangement of film cooling holes is presented by splitting the full coverage of film holes into two zones. In the first zone, the holes are arranged in super-long-diamond mode, whereas in the second zone, the holes are arranged in long-diamond-mode. Film cooling performance with hybrid arrangement is compared with that of the uniform arrangement with long-diamond-mode for the same amount of cool air supply. The numerical simulations indicate that hybrid arrangement results in significant improvement in cooling over uniform arrangement.

Keywords: Effusion cooling, film cooling, adiabatic cooling effectiveness, two zones cooling, numerical simulation

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Mukesh Prakash Mishra, Sahani AK, Sunil Chandel. Improved Film Cooling with Hybrid Arrangement of Cooling Holes. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2017; 4(2): 1–6p.

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