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Fabrication and Analysis of Evacuated Tube Solar Air Heater

Ajay Tripathi, H. Chandra, Rudra Pratap Singh


The development of renewable energy technology is important for the future to balance global energy. Now we are at the stage where the search for other alternative methods that replace the electricity has become pinnacle. This work is essentially based on the alternative methods by which we can reduce the consumption of electricity. Solar air heating is one of them is not only pollution free, but also cheap in operation. It can use different types of solar collectors which are available on the market. Most of them use liquid heat transfer fluid to transfer the heat from the solar collector to a heat storage tank. Here we are using air as fluid to remove problems faced during water handling. Evacuated tube has been used for heating the air. Two air flow rates have been used for heating purpose. It was observed that low air flow rates are good for getting best results. However, its initial cost is high and works only in daytime. It does not work properly in cloudy as well as foggy conditions.

Keywords: Evacuated tube, solar energy, air heater, flat plate collector

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Ajay Tripathi, H. Chandra, Rudra Pratap Singh. Fabrication and Analysis of Evacuated Tube Solar Air Heater. Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics. 2017; 4(2): 7–14p.

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