Optimization of Green Sand Casting Process Using Genetic Algorithm

Priyank V Parekh, J. A. Vadher


This research includes minimization of some of the sand casting defects like Blowholes, Cracks, Porosity using genetic algorithm. Data collection is carried out from medium scale sand casting industry. Some of critical parameters like moisture, permeability, LOI, compressive strength, volatile content, vent holes, pouring time, pouring temperature and mould hardness are identified in the process. L27 orthogonal array is selected. Genetic algorithm is used to optimized the process parameters. Process parameters are optimized using Genetic algorithm in MATLAB.

Cite this ArticlePriyank V Parekh, J.A. Vadher.Optimization of Green Sand CastingProcess Using Genetic Algorithm.Trends in Machine Design. 2017; 4(2):25–29p.


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