Study of Material Management Techniques on Construction Project

Aditya A. Pande, S. Sabihuddin


Material management is a critical component of the construction industry. As such, organizations need to understand the effects of congruous materials management techniques on the efficacy of project execution. An opportunity implemented materials management program can achieve the timely flow of materials and equipment to the jobsite, and thus facilitate ameliorated work face orchestrating, incremented labor productivity, better schedules and lower project costs. Materials management is an important function in order to improve productivity in construction projects. It is defined  materials management functions which include planning and material take off, vendor evaluation and selection, purchasing, expenditure, shipping, material receiving, warehousing and inventory, and material distribution. In this project we have prepare scheme of material management in the construction industry for building project. Also conducting survey of industry and determine the various format for construction material management. Also discussing the tracking system of material management in the industry and also discuss the software technology developed for proper management are discus.


Keywords: Materials management, construction industry, building project, management techniques, software technology


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Aditya A. Pande,  S. Sabihuddin. Study of Material Management Techniques on Construction Project. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management. 2015; 5(2): 22–27p.

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