Vivid Sustainable Building Materials in various Topographical Regions in India

A. Choudhary, M.S. Thakur, R.K. Pandit


Construction and geography are engaged in a happy relation in any indigenous settlement. India, on other hand is a country with multiple geographical regions with various topographical features and different climatic conditions. With this diversity in geo-climatic characteristics, since past we have many techniques to response it without actually exploiting its contents. May it be construction, transportation, operations or living and earning, traditional practices of each of them were though time consuming but environment friendly and sustainable. This paper deals with an analytical study of naturally available sustainable building materials in India, their characteristics and how they are modified to be used in modern construction practices. The objective of the research is to work out on feasibility of use of traditional material in modern construction techniques.



Keywords: Topography, traditional materials, sustainable materials, climatic zones, responsive architecture, energy efficiency

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Choudhary A, Thakur MS, Pandit R.K. Vivid Sustainable Building Materials in various Topographical Regions in India. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management. 2015; 5(2): 61–73p.

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