Building Material Selection Ideology for Sustainability in India

Tanima Shrivastava, Ashish Choudhary



Buildings are largest share of consumer of energy and also one of the major producers of greenhouse gases. Buildings are a topic of discussion on an international platform. Sustainability is one of major demands. It may be true that in the current phase, it is just a demand of academicians and people concerned for sustainable development but sooner or later every client will be demanding for sustainable buildings. It will be responsibility of us, the designers, contractors and planners to provide proper service. Material selection is the key aspect of sustainable construction. The paper discusses the ideology that can be followed while selection of materials for sustainable building construction.



Keywords: Construction, building material, timber, sustainable

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Tanima Shrivastava, Ashish Choudhary. Building Material Selection Ideology for Sustainability in India. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management. 2016; 6(3): 48–53p.

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