Experimental Analysis of Filler Slab Using Self-Compacting Concrete

G. Ramya, S. Sundari, S. Sukumar



Present-day self-compacting concrete is classified as an advanced construction material. Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is an innovative concrete that does not require vibration for placing and compaction. It can flow under its weight, completely filling formwork and achieving full compaction, even in the presence of congested reinforcement. The hardened concrete is dense, homogeneous and has the same engineering properties and durability as traditional vibrated concrete. An important improvement of health and safety is achieved through elimination of handling of vibrators and a substantial reduction of environmental noise loading on and around a site. The composition of SCC mixes includes substantial proportions of fine-grained inorganic materials, and this gives possibilities for utilization of mineral admixtures, which are currently waste products with no practical applications. The primary objective of this study is to make use of the optimum percentage of fly ash in addition to cement and vary the percentage of fine aggregate in terms of total aggregate and understand its effects on the fresh and hardened properties of concrete. The workability of SCC increased as the percentage of fine aggregate is increased. The study also intended to find the optimum mix design ratio for the M20 grade that satisfies both the fresh and hardened properties. Slump flow, V-funnel, L-flow and compressive strength tests were carried out to examine the performance of SCC. Then the filler slab specimens were cast in different sizes and tested for their flexural behaviour, and the results compared with the theoretical values.



Keywords: Self-compacting concrete, filler slab, superplasticizer, flexural behaviour

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Ramya G, Sundari S, Sukumar S. Experimental Analysis of Filler Slab Using Self-Compacting Concrete. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology and Management. 2016; 6(3): 15–24p.


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