Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete Mix Used as White Topping

Borde Pratik Sanjay, Nirkhe Saurabh P.



Concrete, steel, brick, stone, glass, clay, mud and wood are the key materials for construction of any civil structure. Now a day’s cement concrete is the main construction material used worldwide in construction industries. As per the environmental change, concrete conserve resources, protect the environment, economize and lead to proper utilization of energy. To triumph this, use of wastes and by-products in concrete mix used for new constructions in a concrete mix, recycled aggregates play a very important role as a major constitute of concrete. By using recycled aggregate, we reduced the ingesting of energy and natural materials and ingesting of waste materials. Under this topic, we focus on sustainable development for our country. In this paper, we focus on, using recycled aggregate as alternative to natural aggregate with varying replacement percentage for the concrete mix used for existing pavements.



Keywords: Cement concrete, recycled aggregate, bituminous pavements, IRC SP-76

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Borde Pratik Sanjay, Nirkhe Saurabh P. Use of Recycled Aggregates in Concrete Mix Used as White Topping. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management. 2016; 6(3): 57–62p.


Cement Concrete, Recycled Aggregate, Bituminous Pavements, IRC SP- 76

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