Understanding Quality in Construction

Ujjwal Prabhakar, Purnima Bajpai



Quality has transformed into a fundamental part of the construction project management industry. With creating competition between various private firms, quality control and quality assurance has grown to accomplish its significance in the construction industry. Quality administration has been inserted in as a part of the framework for quite a while now but still defects arise. This conflict arises due to difference in the management’s and the consumer’s perception of a quality product. This study has been carried out as an endeavor to understand if there really is any distinction or not. Just when this is seen accurately, can quality genuinely be judged? In other words, one should differentiate between the factual definition of quality and quality as a perception. The providers of services or goods that meet specifications achieve quality in fact. In other words, a product can be of high quality and yet it may not meet customer's needs and vice versa. Thus, a hypothesis testing using t-test has been carried out in this study to comprehend if there exist a difference in perception of people belonging to different age groups and educational backgrounds.


Keywords: Hypothesis testing, t-test, quality, client-contractor, relationships


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Ujjwal Prabhakar, Purnima Bajpai. Understanding Quality in Construction. Journal of Construction Engineering, Technology & Management. 2016; 6(3): 70–74p.

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