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Fiber Optic Fluorescent Probe for Measurement of Temperature

R. Purohit, R. P. Khare



A fiber optic temperature monitoring probe has been developed. Its sensing element uses the temperature sensitive fluorescence of Cu-activated calcium sulphide (CaS) phosphors. These phosphors have been synthesized by solid state fusion reaction. The excitation and emission spectra of the phosphor coatings have been recorded at room temperature (25ºC). The temperature dependence of fluorescence intensity and the lifetime of phosphorescence have also been studied. From the systematic variation of these two parameters with temperature, it appears that these phosphors are good candidates for thermographic as well as thermometric applications in the temperature range of 25–150 ºC. In the present investigation, they have been used for measuring the temperature.


Keywords: Fiber, Probe, Temperature.



Fiber, Probe, Temperature.

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