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Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Density Measurement of Liquid: A Novel Method for Density Determination of Liquid

Bikram Roy, S. Bhattachaya, Smt. S. B. Roy


Dual frequency based Ultrasonic density determination of liquid gives superior performance in terms of sensor drift, non repeatability of measurement data. Traditionally density measurement of liquid by ultrasound is done with single frequency based ultrasound which suffers drift, non repeatability. Standard reference liquid or solid is also required for density estimation using currently available ultrasound technique. In this paper Dual frequency based ultrasound technique for liquid density measurement is developed and validated through experimentation. The inherent stability, repeatability and measurement accuracy of density by dual frequency based ultrasonic has been evaluated in detail. In the end, effect of bubble is studied qualitatively with help of available model of acoustic pressure in bubbly liquid.


Keywords: ultrasonic, density, dual frequency



ultrasonic, density, dual frequency

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