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An Efficient Methodology for Overcoming Limitation of Image Mosaicing with using Concept of Region Filling

Upasana Vijaykumar Jani, Pratik Kadhecha, Ashish Kothari, Kamal Sutaria


In the real life, the range of the image capturing device is smaller than the scene which is sensed by eye. If we are trying to capture image in single click it may result in blurred image or it is also possible that image will be with very low resolution and we loss some part of information. In such a condition the situation can be that obtain the spilt images of same object and then stitch it that is mosaiced it. But most of the time if the photography is not proper then this output mosaiced image may result with some missed part, which omits aim of mosaicing to merge image seamlessly. So the possible approach is to fill this missing part with the help of image completion concept which is also known as region filling or image inpainting. The proposed methodology gives a novel approach to generate the image in such a way that the person who is not familiar with that place or object will find it as original image. The aim of proposed methodology is to remove artefacts of the image mosaicing and make an image seamless and more realistic.


Image mosaicing, image stitching, image inpainting, SIFT, PDE, exemplar based inpainting

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