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An Update on Pace Maker and Pulse Meter

Rohit Prakash Singh, Amit Malik, Arvind Rehalia, S.P. Singh


Cardiac arrhythmia causes substantial morbidity and mortality; even with optimal pharmacotherapy Cardiac pace maker and pulse meter has been instrumental in saving the life of mankind. The knowledge of basic concepts, application, types, and complications is essential for the medical and engineering professionals. Advances in the electronic circuitry and the battery have led to the development of safe, efficient and effective cardiac pace maker devices. The linking of pace maker and pulse meter is a challenging task for the bio medical engineers. Our systematic review summarizes the current evidence regarding the efficacy, effectiveness, safety and electronic perspective of cardiac pace maker and pulse meter.


Keywords: Pacemaker, pulse meter, cardiac arrythmia



pacemaker, pulse meter, cardiac arrythmia

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