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Quasi Distributed FBG Sensors for the Simultaneous Measurement of Strain, Weight and Temperature

Benjamin Varghese P, Dinesh Kumar R, Mittu Raju, K N Madhusoodanan, P Radhakrishnan


We report quasi distributed fiber Bragg grating sensors (FBG) for the simultaneous measurement of strain, weight and temperature. Three FBGs with different Bragg wavelengths are employed for the measurement of strain, weight, and temperature. A broad band light source is used for probing and an optical spectrum analyzer for observing the reflected spectrum. All the three FBGs are connected in series leaving a few meters of fibers in between. MATLAB Tool is used for simulating the response of FBGs and it is compared with the actual results. FBG is pasted to a cantilever structure for measuring strain. The weight measurement is carried out by cementing FBG to a 2000 g load cell structure. A temperature controlled water bath is used for the measurement of temperature. The experimental results show the capability of the proposed system to perform the simultaneous measurement of strain, weight and temperature. The drift in strain during different temperatures is also measured.

Keywords: Fuzzy PI, PI controller, peak overshoot, settling time, oscillations



Fiber Bragg grating sensors, quasi distributed fiber sensors, simultaneous measurement, optical spectrum analyzer

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