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Intelligent Baby Monitoring System: A Review

Savita P. Patil, Mrs. Manisha Rajesh Mhetre


Now a day in India both the parents need to work and look after their babies/infants, so more workload and stress is there on such families especially on female counterparts. If a system is developed which continuously gives updates about their infants during illness or during normal routine then it will be of great help to such members as they can work in stress less environment giving more fruitful output. Also emergency condition can be quickly be noticed and handled within less time. Usually, when a young baby cries, the cause is one of the following things, i.e., they are hungry, tired, not feeling well or need their diaper changed. So there are many such systems available which can monitor the activities of the babies and/or infants along with finding one of the above causes and give this information to their parents. This paper mainly give review on many papers and patents about different baby's vital parameters that need to monitor, different methods for monitoring those parameter and communication methods.
Keywords: Baby monitoring, vital parameters, microcontroller, light emitting diode (LED)

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