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Efficiency Improvement of Permanent Magnet Rotating Electrical Machine (PMREM) with Permanent Magnet Material Selection

Manpreet Singh Manna, Naveen Kumar Pal


There are many Permanent Magnet Machines available in the market with the different type of PM material. The rare earth permanent magnet material changes the whole scenario of the market. In comparison with SmCo and AlNiCO magnets, NdFeB magnets have low corrosion resistance. Their chemical reactivity is similar to that of alkaline earth metals like magnesium. Under normal conditions the NdFeB reacts slowly. The reaction is faster at higher temperatures and in the presence of humidity. In this paper the Finite Element model of Rotating Electrical machine simulated using FEM based software for all the three permanent magnetic materials to find the optimum design for achieve higher efficiency of the machine with same dimension and supply conditions. The comparative analysis was computed for different electromagnetic characteristics viz. magnetic flux, current density norm, magnetic energy density etc.

Keywords: Rare earth permanent magnet, PMREM-permanent magnet rotating electric machine, finite element method, efficiency improvement of REM (rotating electric machine)


Rare Earth Permanent Magnet, PMREM-Permanent Magnet Rotating Electric Machine, Finite Element Method, efficiency improvement of REM (Rotating Electric Machine).

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