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Design of Hybrid Power Generation System using LabVIEW

P V Gopi Krishna Rao, K. Suresh Kumar, S.K. Abdul Rahim, Md. Jawad, K. Tulasiram



The need for electrical energy increases in our life with the increase in the trends in technology for sophistication of our day-to-day life. This requires an increase in the production of electrical energy. In the field of electrical power generation from the conventional methods like hydroelectricity, thermal power systems which use fossil fuel, there is needed to concern the factors which influence the environmental conditions including pollution, greenhouse effect and also rising of fuel prices. Hence there is a need for power generating units which are non-polluting, highly efficient, easily situated and make use of renewable sources. This paper focuses on design of multisource power

generating system called "Hybrid System," which generates power from renewable sources like solar light energy and wind energy. The benefits of the hybrid system are long-term reliability and sustainability, optimal power generation, reduction in pollution, generation of high quality power and efficient use of the renewable energy resources. Hybrid system can be made as a roof top power generating system, thus reducing the load on the grid, and increasing the number of power generating units.

Keywords: Solar, Wind, Renewable energy, Hybrid, Tracking, LabVIEW



Solar; Wind; Renewable Energy; Hybrid; Tracking; LabVIEW

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