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Wireless Non-invasive Vital Sign Sensors and Multisensory Data Fusion Techniques

O.M Sumathi, Malini Mudigonda


The wireless technology in patient monitoring system enables clinicians to monitor vital signs with remote capability. Recent advancements in embedded system have led to explosive growth in wireless medical sensors that allow vital signs to be automatically collected and integrated into patient’s care record for real-time monitoring. Research and development in cognitive sensor networking is driven by trends in information fusion, intelligent sensor and wireless communication. In this paper, recent trends in smart non-invasive wireless medical sensors and multisensory data fusion techniques for patient’s health care monitoring are reviewed. In particular, low-cost cognition-based integrated wireless smart sensors used in monitoring hospital patient’s cardiac activity, respiratory activity and blood pressure are presented. Several multisensory data-fusion techniques are also reviewed. Finally, the paper suggests the best methods for wireless real-time vital sign monitoring.
Keywords: Vital signs, Monitoring, Wireless sensor, Multisensory data fusion, Cognition

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