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Control Technique for Back-to-Back Converter Using Single Pulse Width Modulation

K. S. Desai, A. P. Deshpande


This paper presents design and implementation of an analog controller for boost rectification and inversion required in the back-to-back converter used in doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) based wind energy conversion systems (WECSs). Detailed design of components of back-to-back converter is explained. The hardware module of this back-to-back converter is fabricated in the departmental laboratory. Testing is carried out on single phase as well as three phase rectifier section and inverter section of back-to-back converter. A cost effective simple analog controller is designed. Single pulse width modulation (PWM) technique is employed. Results show that required boosting of the rectifier and normal operation of inverter is satisfactorily obtained.

Keywords: Boost rectifier, DFIG, RSC, GSC, PWM


Boost rectifier, DFIG, RSC, GSC, PWM, IGBT, WECS

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