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Smart Steam Generator using LabVIEW

Udhayapraksh A, Udhayapraksh A, Biksha Nateshan S., Vijay Vishwanath S, Vivek Vijayan C


The efficiency of the boiler was deliberate by estimating the heat losses. Analysis on the performance of the boiler was directed by investigative the heat losses, categorizing the reasons for losses, computing the individual loss and developing an approach for loss reduction. We all know about the problems occurred in a boiler plant based on temperature, level and flow rate to produce the steam. In this paper, we have implemented a VI program in LabVIEW platform to overcome those kinds of problem generated in the boiler. The main objective of this paper is to generate steam by controlled action. It is also include controlled temperature, level and flow process to required steam. Here the major problems are overflow of boiler and dryness of the boiler those are controlled by the proposal controller – Cascade and a Selector controller in LabVIEW.

Keywords: Boiler, temperature of boiler, flow rate, level of the boiler, steam rate


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Nithyarani N, Udhayapraksh A, Biksha Nateshan S, Vijay Vishwanath S, Vivek Vijayan C. Smart Steam Generator Using LabVIEW. Journal of Instrumentation Technology & Innovations. 2015; 5(1): 6–12p.

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