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Remote Hardware Control by Web Application

A. K. M Nuhil Mehdy, Md. Rabiul Islam


This paper introduces an approach to implement a system that controls remote hardware by web application. Hardware control from a remote distance is a popular research area where there are different approaches studied in the literature. Real life electronic devices can be controlled from a very far distance with no limitation through Internet connection by this system. The system consists of three major parts—Web application part, Desktop application part, Hardware part. One section of the web application part runs in the local computer to which devices are connected to be controlled from a remote place and another section of this part is stored on a dedicated web server which is requested via URL by the end user of this system from a computer or portable devices that should have Internet connection. The user controls the devices from a web page. Desktop application part of this system works on the local computer to which devices are connected. This part retrieves data from the database of the hosted web application part and writes a file to the local computer as well as uses that data to output bits to the computer parallel port. The last, hardware part consists of necessary electronic circuit-based design to make the parallel port output to an effective response for controlling devices. Result and performance analysis of this system has been done on varying environments and distances.


Keywords: remote hardware control, web application, parallel port connection, hardware interfacing

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Mehdy AKMN, Islam MR. Remote Hardware Control by Web Application. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovation. 2015; 5(2): 25–30p.

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