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Design and Implementation of Single-Phase, Three-Level, Sub-Harmonic PWM Inverter with Short-Circuit Fault Detection

Abolfazl Halvaei Niasar, Behzad Habibzadeh Khoei


This paper investigates the design and implementation of single-phase, three-level inverter controlled by sub-harmonic pulse-width modulation (SH-PWM). The performance of developed 3-level inverter is simulated and then is compared with 2-level conventional inverter as well as FFT analysis. Experimental test has been undertaken to examine the operating characteristics of the implemented inverter for supplying an inductive load. To increase the reliability of designed inverter in different applications, a short-circuit fault detection has been considered. Moreover, to reduce the voltage harmonic contents of the inverter, an LC low-pass filter is employed. Finally, an efficiency analysis is given to show the satisfactory performance of the developed inverter.


Keywords: Three-level inverter, sub-harmonic PWM (SH-PWM), total harmonic distortion (THD), short-circuit fault detection, LC filter, H-bridge


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Niasar Abolfazl Halvaei, Khoei Behzad Habibzadeh. Design and implementation of single-phase, three-level, sub-harmonic PWM inverter with short-circuit fault detection. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovation. 2015; 5(2): 5-13p.



Three-level Inverter, Sub-harmonic PWM (SH-PWM), Total harmonic distortion (THD), Short-circuit fault detection, LC filter, H-bridge

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