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Design and Construction of Water Tank Monitoring and Control System with Digital Display

Onah C.I, Mbamara U.S, Totty A.P


Design and construction of water tank monitor and control system with digital display is designed to monitor the level of water in a tank. It displays the level of water at every calibrated level. The pump is activated automatically to refill the tank when the water level is low, when the tank is filled to its maximum capacity; the pump is automatically de-energized via the help of the probe that sends signal to the microcontroller, which in turn sends signals to the relay to switch OFF the pump machine. Several circuits put together to ensure proper working of this design, and the block diagram includes the supply unit, the voltage regulator, the microcontroller unit, the sensor unit, the display unit and the pump drives unit. The power unit is responsible for turning on the entire circuit. Some components are used to set up power unit and they include; a 12 V step-down transformer, a bridge rectifier circuit, a filtering capacitor and a voltage regulator integrated circuit (IC). The PIC16F48A microcontroller controls/monitors virtually all the actions carried out in this design. The sensor unit is responsible for sensing the level of water and transfer the current position of water to the microcontroller. The display unit in the circuit, which uses the properties of a seven-segment digital display, is used to physically show the current level of water in the tank.



Keywords: Water tank, monitor, digital display, control system, construction


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Onah CI, Mbamara US, Totty AP. Design and Construction of Water Tank Monitoring and Control System with Digital Display. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations. 2016; 6(1): 23–42p. 

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