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Environmental Friendly Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design

Jefi Jose C, Anu George Paynadath


Promising mean of reducing emission and fuel consumption requires a hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) powered by electric machines and an internal combustion engine (ICE). It is done without compromising the driving performances and vehicle functionality. This paper introduces the design of an environmental friendly hybrid electric car that combines gasoline engine and battery pack. The conventional gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles are benchmarked by the fuel consumption benefitted by hybridization. The gasoline and diesel fueled vehicle investigate the relationship between fuel consumption and vehicle weight. The automobile manufactures reduced greenhouse gases like hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. from the vehicle. These gases result in global warming and pollution, which have harmful effect on both lives and environment. Oil prices are increasing day-by-day. Limitations on the permitted level of exhaust gas releases are being instituted in major cities across the world; therefore, there is a need of fuel-efficient vehicles. A hybrid vehicle is an eco-friendly, emission free vehicle. The individual problems associated with the gasoline engine and the electric vehicle are get around by the proposed design of HEV. It reduces the use of fuel and production of emissions. It conquers the problem of batteries for the electric vehicle. Since an HEV charges itself, it never has to be plugged in. The motor can run as generator to transfer energy from regenerative braking and from gasoline engine to the batteries when it does not provide power.



Keywords: Hybrid electric vehicle; gasoline engine; dc motor; batteries; greenhouse gases


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Jefi Jose C, Anu George Paynadath. Environmental Friendly Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations. 2016; 6(2): 15–20p.

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