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Finite Element Analysis of Double Fillet Weld

Nancy Mary Prakash, Vaibhav Singh Rathore


Finite element analysis of the double fillet weld joint has been conducted in the present paper. Analysis of stress generated at the weld toes and weld root has been conducted and shown. Fine meshing near the weld toes and root has been adopted for accurate results. Fillet weld considered in the present study have two vertical plates, which are attached to a horizontal plate by welding. Study reveals that weld root and toes is the zone where maximum stress developed which can also called as stress concentration zone. Three-dimensional double fillet weld simulation has been conducted. With increment in load stress generated increases continuously. Total deformation increases with increment in load. Fine meshing increases the time of the solution but gives accurate results obtained by FEA.



Keywords: Finite element analysis, weld, metal, fillet, joint


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Nancy Mary Prakash, Vaibhav Singh Rathore. Finite Element Analysis of Double Fillet Weld. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations. 2016; 6(2): 28–33p.

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