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Stabilizing Hydrodynamic Bearing Using H∞ Loop Shaping Design Procedure

S.J Siva Abhishek, Niranjan Kumar Gupta, Abhro Mukherjee, Satyabrata Das


This paper proposes the idea of H∞ loop shaping to design an active stabilizing controller for short journal bearing. Hydrodynamic bearings have viscous friction and stiffness force associated with fluid film layer sheared during the motion of bearing; at high speed, they can land up too wide and considerable heat is generated. As a result instability occurs, thus working inefficiently that can be the cause of material damage and also producing inaccurate result. So, to minimize the error and making the system stable, a controller is designed using robust control (H∞ loop shaping) approach. Firstly, the system is modelled by mathematical approach, and then compensator is selected to make singular value of nominal control system becoming the desired open loop gain. Finally, H∞ loop shaping controller is designed based on robust stabilization theory. Implementation of this controller is cost efficient and reduces system complexity of short journal bearing setup.  

Keyword: H∞ loop shaping, short journal bearing, robust control  

Cite this Article Siva Abhishek SJ, Niranjan Kumar Gupta, Abhro Mukherjee et al. Stabilizing Hydrodynamic Bearing Using H∞ Loop Shaping Design Procedure. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations. 2016; 6(3): 8–13p. 

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