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Design and Construction of a Three Level Clearance Security System

C I Onah, U S Mbamara, P M Favour


We designed a three level clearance system using key card access, hardware keypad password authentication and biometrics finger print scanner based framework that will provide user authentication and authorization. Authentication means that a principal can prove his identity. This is done by means of secrets, usually cryptographic keys. This standard security mechanism will enhance more consistent security policies. The hardware peripherals are directly interfaced with a computer software which coordinated and analyzed all the verification processes and execution of other hardware peripheral controls like opening of an electronic door, granting access to a restricted file in the computer, automatic triggering of alarm on bridge of security, simultaneous multi-user verification etc. The security system will also afford expansion when the need arises. If input password is correct, after analyzing it and comparing it with those in the database; access will be granted by activating the third level security for final verification using the personnel's finger print biometrics. This stage cannot be bridged even if the first and second levels were successful accessed illegally. On final verification, an unrestricted access will be granted to the personnel.

Keywords: Security system, keycard access, password, fingerprint biometrics


Security system; keycard access, password and fingerprint biometrics.

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