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Efficient Solar Panel Design and Fabrication for Solar Vehicle

Mohd. Anas, Suvrat Raj Kumar, Vivek Shukla


Since few decades, research in solar power generation techniques is taking pace as there is a need for environment friendly energy. The demand of green energy has made recent scientist and engineers to join hands together for finding solution to meet the scarce of fuel energy. The public demand for solar panel is rising high because of increased electricity rates of units. This paper presents the efficient fabricated and optimized assembly of the solar cells to generate energy for driving a single seater vehicle. The details of the panel, cell array in series or in parallel and extended or fastenable welded structures are also presented which easily bears the shocks, sudden pull and push of the vehicle. The solar panel is sandwiched between a plastic sheet and wooden board, and needs special care as the entire structure experiences a type of pull and push, when the vehicle accelerates or stops. The economical and easier operation demands high technology for efficient generation of solar energy. The panel is efficient to drive a vehicle to a speed of 35 km/h, which is very close to ideal speed, by using solar energy and hence protecting our environment from pollution.
Keywords: Solar panel, design, fabrication, renewable energy

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