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Insulation Test (Leakage Current Test) on 1kWp PV Array at Real Time Condition

Anurag Tiwari, Suresh C Bajpai


The study is based on the insulation test of 1 kWp solar photovoltaic array on real time condition. The insulation resistance is the dielectric property of the module and is defined as amount of insulation material provided in between solar cells and metallic frame. While installing the solar photovoltaic module, we must consider about the safety criteria, since safety is the first key element for all types of systems. Since, module arrays work on a high voltage in power plants, hence, their behavior is sometimes abnormal. Theoretically from the observation, it was found that the leakage current increased as the humidity increased in the environment. When module is covered by a sheet, there is a decrease in the insulation resistance i.e. an increase in leakage current. Insulation resistance goes on decreasing as the number of modules is increased from 250 Wp to 1 kWp in series and parallel both.Keywords: Insulation test, leakage current, PV array, insulation resistance

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