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Design of Air Cushion Vehicle

Subash Raidu Y., Ajay Y. G., Sai Kiran Reddy B.



In this research we made an attempt to design a hovercraft vehicle. This vehicle is different from other conventional and terrestrial of this kind that uses the single directional control as rudder. Major consideration is that the hovercraft should weigh less than the conventional crafts. This design uses a double duct motor for both the lift and thrust moments. The air is continuously forced under the vehicle by a fan, generating the cushion that greatly reduces friction between the moving vehicle and surface. The air is passed through ducts and injected at the periphery of the vehicle in downward and inward direction. The air from the duct is made to flow to the periphery using an L-BEND this produces a downward force. This type of vehicle can equally ride over ice, water, marsh or relatively level land.

Keywords: Hull, skirt, cushion, thrust, hovercraft

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Subash Raidu Y, Ajay YG, Sai Kiran Reddy B. Design of Air Cushion Vehicle. Journal of Instrumentation Technology and Innovations. 2017; 7(2): 26–33p.

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