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Hydrotropes as effective reaction Media for the Synthesis of Chlorothiazide

MANOHAR V LOKHANDE, Jagannath Kadam, Ajay Patil, Vijay Gangan, Vijay Bhawe


The paper describes the synthesis of Chlorothiazide. It is a thiazide diuretic (water pill). It decreases theamount of fluid in the body by increasing the amount of salt and water lost in the urine. It is also used tolower the blood pressure as antihypertensive and to decrease edema (swelling). The synthesis ofChlorothiazide was carried out using four different hydrotropes, the effect of hydrotropes on yield, rateconstant and activation energy at various temperatures and concentrations were studied.


Hydrotropes, xylene sulfonic acid (XSA), cumene sulfonic acid (CSA), n-Butyl benzene sulfonic acid (n-BBSA), isobutyl benzene sulfonic acid (I-BBSA), 1HNMR, IR

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