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Study of the Hammett equation for oxidation of 2 – Hydroxy – 1 - Naphthalidene Anil and para substituted chloroanils by potassium bromate in acid medium

Umesh N. Pol, Sharad Sankhe, Ramesh Yamgar


The kinetics of oxidation of the Schiff base and its substituted anils by potassium bromate in aquo-acetic acid medium has been studied in this work. The study of thermodynamic parameters is done, and the rate constants for the reaction are determined. The plot of log{ks/k0} against the substituent constant (ï³ ) is plotted for para and meta substitution and the reaction constant (ï²) is calculated. The plot of ï„H against ï„S is used for the determination of correlation coefficient (r).

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Pol Umesh N, Sharad Sankhe, Ramesh Yamgar. Study of the Hammett Equation for Oxidation of 2-Hydroxy-1-Naphthalidene Anil and Para Substituted Chloroanils by Potassium Bromate in Acid Medium. Journal of Modern Chemistry & Chemical Technology. 2016; 7(2): 1–4p.


Hammett equation, oxidation, Schiff base, thermodynamics, reaction constant, entropy change, enthalpy change, substitution reactions, specific rate constant for substituted anils (Ks), specific rate constant for unsubstituted anil (Ko)

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